Web hosting tips

Web hosting tips


If you want to start your business in the real world, you should have a physical location to sell your products which you can do through web hosting. The reason why your business needs digital transformation, you can check here. Paying to a web hosting company is simple like renting a physical store for your business. It is a service that allows organizations and individuals to buy space on one of our servers. If you want to publish a website online, then it is very much necessary for you that you have a web host or a web hosting service provider which will store all the web pages of your website and makes them available to all the users connected to the internet. Websites are hosted on special computers called servers and to have a connection with servers, you should own your domain like (www.viztechie.com) in order to host with them.

Before we discuss more about this topic, let’s discuss what is a domain name? It is the address where users can access your website for e.g. viztechie.com is a domain name where you can access my address on the internet. While choosing a web-hosting provider, you should decide how much hand-holding you need, amount of traffic you expected and a portable content management system to avoid lock-in.

There are several types of web hosting services available:

Cloud hosting – It is a very powerful as compared to shared and dedicated hosting as it makes computer system resources available on demand without direct active management by the user. This term is generally used to data centers available to many users over the internet. Big companies mostly hosted  their website on cloud hosting as it has so many advantages over other hosting. You can buy cloud hosting from Amazon Google Cloud Platform, Hostgator, CloudwaysDigitalOcean etc. Benefits of using cloud hosting are ease of scalability, better performance, reduced costs and makes disaster recovery easier.

Shared Hosting – In this type of hosting, you and other website owners shared the same server and it is good for those who are building their first website. It can be as low as $50 per year, cheapest and most economical reason for your needs and the main disadvantage of using this hosting is it can be a lot slower than dedicated servers and there’s a lack of customization options to get higher level of performance.

Dedicated Server Hosting / Managed hosting service – In this hosting, client leases an entire server or a group of servers not shared with anyone else including choice of hardware, operating system etc. The difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting is that your website is the only site that is hosted on the server. Examples include : Godaddy , Hostgator, Bluehost etc

Collocated Hosting – It is also known as collocation web hosting. The word co-locate signifies to relocate and it is the best place where one can place their servers in the safe condition. Advantages of using collocated hosting is better outage protection, additional security services and lower the costs for IT management.

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