Things you have to check before Launch a website

Things you have to check before Launch a website

A good and attractive website is very much necessary for your business whether its an e-commerce business, an online store, coaching, affiliate marketing, online courses, digital/virtual assistant, sole proprietorship or a manufacturing business. But before starting any business online, you have to check a certain points before making your website live. In making a website, you required a logo, a domain name, an exciting theme, curative content and so on.

Lets start…

1. Content: Your website should contain quality content which may attract the attention of the targeted audiences and it also enhances the ranking of your website in SERPs. Content plays a role of king in any website. It is textual, visual or aural content that may include texts, images, videos and animations. Your content should contain keywords which will eventually increase your website traffic and your rank gets improved.

2. Loading speed: In today’s era, no one likes a slow website. According to data stats, half of us don’t even wait for a 2-3 seconds to get your website open. If your website loading speed is fast, it will makes a very good impression on a targeted audience. Everyone expects a quicker results whether we are using a mobile, laptop or a tablet.

3. Image compression: It is very much necessary for your website to take control over an image sizes for a better page loading speed. There are so many image compression algorithms and tools available that can reduces your file sizes whether your image is jpg, png, svg or gif. Infact you can check a certain apps for this eg, RIOT, Compress Now.

4. Mobile friendly: Studies shows that people uses mobile phones more than the laptop or desktop to access the web. If your website is not mobile-friendly then a user will search for another website for information. So make sure your website is compatible for users as a mobile friendly website can increases your sales, improves Google ranking, keeps you in the competition and improves your SEO ranking.

5. Proofread: No doubt, your website should be error free and grammatically correct so read everything thoroughly as no one wants to loose readers, business and revenue. Poor quality content makes your website seem amateurish so its better to have a proofreader for your website as an error free website helps you to achieve a good rank in search engine result pages.

6. Check functionality: Test everything in your website for potential bugs before launching it. The things you have to check are contact forms, log-in areas, web pages, database connection, HTML syntax errors, cookies, internal links, external links and more.

7. Check on different browsers: Before launching a website, you have to be sure that your website works perfectly for all your visitors as not all visitors created equally. The most popular browsers where you can check your website are Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.

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