Popular websites you can create !!!

Popular websites you can create !!!

There are billions of websites available and everyone is competing for people’s attention. When you have decided to build your own website, then you should have clear idea about what type of website you want to create whether its ecommerce, personal, photo sharing, business, entertainment, informational, government or portfolio website. Website basically divided into two parts: static and dynamic. In static website, user has no permission to access and is the easiest to create whereas in dynamic websites, user and audience can access website and interact with website like guest post, inquiry form or email facilities.

Let’s discuss the type of websites which is available in the market:


  1. Personal website: It is basically a group of web pages that someone creates for themselves showing their skills, experience or a CV or putting their own thoughts out into the world and also it is one of the best way to represent UI/UX designer’s design work. You can also earn money from the personal website if you became popular enough.
  1. E commerce website: Any idea about what does E commerce makes sense? It is the activity of buying or selling the products over the internet. It started in 1960s when organizations began to use electronic data interchange to transfer their documents. There are various E commerce websites available in the market eg business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C), consumer to consumer (C2C), consumer to business (C2B).
  1. Portfolio website: This website mainly builds your professional brand which will helps you to gain maximum prospective clients by displaying your work online. It is very much important that you have a portfolio whether you are a graphic designer, content writer or working in any company. This type of website will makes your mission clear, categorize your work and helps you to have a more business.
  1. Brochure website: If you want to promote your business, then brochure website is one of the best solution for you and it is also very much cost effective as it tend to start around £200 – £300 for a 2-3 page website. It gives your company or business a web presence and also provides valuable information such as contact details, email, opening time etc. Unlike an e-commerce website, they do not sell products online. These type of websites used only to display your products and services online.
  1. Educational website: These websites provides educational offerings to students through videos, games or audio related resources that acts as tools to enhance learning. In today’s era, this is one of the most attractive and useful way to learn something. You can learn various languages like Html, Java, CSS, Python or computer science courses, engineering courses, business and management, data science through these websites. It helps you in career advancement, hobbies, consistency, quick delivery of lessons, effectiveness and reduced costs.

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