New Microsoft Edge browser launches on Windows and macOS

New Microsoft Edge browser launches on Windows and macOS

Microsoft released their new Edge browser version to users across MacOS, Windows, Android, and iPhone. For this major release, Microsoft has re-written Edge using the Chromium browser engine. This is the same technology underlying the Google Chrome browser.

The new Edge-browser by Microsoft can now be downloaded by all Mac and Windows users. The company had announced last year that they will not be using the EdgeHTML browser anymore. The switch to the Chromium engine will be a welcome change for users across the globe as the Edge-browser will be much faster and easier to use. The company has a page which will allow macOS and Windows users to download the new browser. Users can log on to to download the new browser.

Microsoft said in a blog post that when users get the new Microsoft Edge on an updated Windows 10 laptop, it will automatically remove the old legacy version from your laptop. However, it is important to note that users might have to install updates additionally. The passwords, your favorites and other important stuff like the basic settings will be automatically transferred to the Microsoft Edge browser, says Microsoft.

We have downloaded the latest version or you can say New generation Chromium based Edge . Mostly, it still just looks like a slightly plainer version of Chrome—which isn’t a bad thing! Sites loading is much better, UI elements are familiar, and so forth.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Edge, you can download it for Windows or macOS over at 

Microsoft’s Edge site.

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