As you know Smartphone and tablet usage in increasing day by day, therefore it’s very important to make your website responsive for mobiles.

With the responsive website designing, branding packaging is complete because now you will be able to advertise your brand on all possible devices irrespective of the multiple screen types, sizes, and resolutions. This principle embraces fluid web and does not go against this for a change.

Let us check the stats that describe the exact overview of mobile and smartphone usage:

           – More that 20 percent people like to do Google search through mobile devices.

    – Almost 20 percent people access internet via mobile device across the globe.
    – In 2022, mobile internet users will cross the milestone set by desktop internet users.

What is a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE design?

A responsive website is a single website that adapts to any screen size so it’s as easy to use on mobile as it is on tablet and desktop no pinching or horizontal scrolling required. The design instinctively adapts to the device it is being viewed on so it looks great on a mobile, tablet and desktop.
Important points that ensures the need of responsive website design are:

1. Super Flexible: Mobile website design is a set of new standard with too many possibilities such as you can navigate and scroll page effortlessly.

2. Stronger Link Building: It has single URL for each page, it means you can build stronger backlinks on both desktop and mobile search at the same time.

3. Reduces Bounce Rate: Make sure that visitors stay more than 2 minutes to your website otherwise your bounce rate will rise. As you know Google uses Bounce rate as a customer satisfaction with results so it’s important to reduce the bounce rate and it can be done only through responsive design.

4. Increase Conversion rates and sales: Responsive design enhances the functionality, performance and look & feel of a website; people like to visit your website and stay in touch for a long time. This mean it gives a positive impact on conversion rates and sales also.

As a demand of rich media mobile internet and apps is increasing day by day so it’s become difficult to get success in the market easily. To overcome this, responsive website design is the best method that will help in staying ahead in the trend.

Responsive design allows the brand-new age of website development and design. It creates future ready sites and does not require much learning. This type of design elements can prove to be more productive and less stressful than coding and designing for each device separately. Viztechie is among the most sought-after responsive designing company based in Noida. With successful delivery of 100+ projects associated with various business verticals, they have proven experience and capabilities to tackle responsive design with confidence.

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