Email Marketing:

One of the oldest gifts of Internet – email is still going strong, and is expected to last forever. Emails are a part of our life today; it’s hard to imagine a business without emails.

With millions of emails being sent every day, an individual receives an average of 20+ marketing email every day; thanks to Google’s email service most of them are filtered out as promotions, making email marketing a tough game.

Creating a mail that impress, a content that converts would be a wasted resource if the emails are not landing in the right inbox, or are filtered out as marketing and promotional emails. Best marketing is one that does not sound like marketing and our experts know this game well.

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Campaigns that directly communicate & prompt to take action:

We are a leading digital marketing company in India; and for us, email marketing is not about sending e-mailers to a large database waiting for someone to click & convert. To ensure maximum digital marketing performance, our email campaigns are monitored by quality content & actionable language to deliver higher success rate in converting audience.

Our digital marketing agency does this by designing a focused mailer, choosing the right kind of messaging for right audience, integrating perfect call to action buttons at appropriate places & finally measures the impact for better re-marketing.