E Learning Services:

E Learning is the process of using technology to assist learning and tutoring. Enhancement in how the Internet works has allowed websites to deliver a visual and immersive learning experience on a computer or mobile device, perfect for stimulating a student and encouraging learning.
At Viztechie, we follow a modular approach to our E-Learning developments. Building out the core administration and delivery systems before moving on to complete individual learning modules, each with their own specific goals and objectives.

Viztechie has extensive expertise in the education and E-Learning sectors and can bring that knowledge and experience to the development of advanced E-Learning systems for you. At Viztechie we focus right down into the objectives of the system, ensuring that ease of use and the right content is used to enhance the experience and engage with the student and stimulate their desire to learn.

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Benefits of E-Learning:

Our exceptional staff of over 100+ valued employees who are highly motivated to work at a successful company like Viztechie. They are trained in technology and skilled in the English language to ensure we not only provide first class solutions but can communicate effectively with clients globally. Tried and tested processes ensure a smooth process from project initiation through to delivery and support.

  • E-learning provides a single source of learning materials ensuring that the content delivered is identical for all learners   and is of the highest possible quality.
  • Online e-learning courses are quick and easy to update across the board without needing to spend time and money   organizing and distributing paper, CD or DVD based c content and materials.
  • E-learning is reliable, dependable and accessible around the clock via an internet connection.
  • E-learning is easy to manage and control online via our Learner Management System (LMS).
  • One of the most obvious benefits is the potential to reduce costs associated with training and development of   employees without the need of travel and accommodation for them at a centralized location. Because e-learning can be   taken anytime, anywhere, it doesn’t interfere with critical operations of the employee.
  • E-learning is standardized: every learner has access to the same high quality instruction. e-learning eliminates the   problems associated with different instructors teaching slightly different material on the same subject. This also ensures   all learners receive a consistent message.
  • New e-learning for iPads and HTML5 means enabling your existing legacy e-learning content to be migrated to a tablet   compatible format, and our solutions will help you in taking the first steps in an easy and a cost-effective way.

Our Focus:

To provide you with substantial learning solutions and an outstanding service, we have put together a team of great people. Our team merges the expertise of the instructional designers, with first class graphic designers, technical experts and an excellent team of programmers. Our team has proven knowledge of delivering e-learning solutions of all models and volumes.
We will assist you with all of your e-learning course development projects-from individual courses to a customized learning environment for any audience.
Our team has the proficiency to work with Update technologies (HTML 5), platforms (iOS 6, Ice Cream Sandwich), authoring tools and the best design approaches (like Responsive and Adaptive design) that can help you take benefit of the opportunities that the mobile devices offer.

Advance E-learning Solution:
E- Learning Localization

Viztechie offers translation and other language services to organizations who wish to get their knowledge resources translated into multiple languages and dialects. We can be your partner in rolling out training products, software training resources, educational materials, videos, webinar recordings, or even conducting instructor-based training — all in your preferred language, or dialect. With a quotable experience in translating millions of words in more than 50 languages, we can help accomplish your goals in less time, and with great quality by using a cost effective model.

Mobile E-Learning

Viztechie has extensive experience of creating E-Learning content that can run on various mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc. and on different mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows. We not only develop mobile content from scratch, but also convert existing e-learning content into mobile suitable courses. Our mobile solutions include HTML-based Content, Responsive Content Design, Learning Videos, Mobile Applications, and Mobile Learning Games.

Custom E-Learning

Viztechie helps organizations cater to the varied learning needs of diverse learners. Our custom e-learning services helps organizations to identify their e-learning needs, create strategy, identify solutions, create storyboards, develop content with the help of subject-matter experts and develop the e-learning courses. Our custom solutions are engaging, interactive and visually appealing. It helps learners absorb more knowledge and recall what they have learned with ease.

Rapid Authoring

Using our Rapid Authoring Services, organizations convert learning content to ‘e’ format without too much investment of time and money. Whether it is a PowerPoint Presentation or a PDF Manual, we can quickly convert it into interactive e-learning using appropriate tools.