Best Social Media Marketing tools you need in 2019

Best Social Media Marketing tools you need in 2019


Social Media is a platform which serves best for Digital Marketing and is strongly associated with a content strategy i.e. you create content for your website and shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for promotion and better reach and it is one of the cost-effective online strategies in the marketing field. If you want a successful social media marketing then you should utilize better tools to reach your targeted audience. The question about which is the best social media marketing tool in the market is a hot topic among marketers. The main thing when you choose a social media marketing tool is that it makes us productive or not, can you manage multiple accounts or multiple users work on the same account or you can get web analytics of your data or can we schedule a post or not. There are many questions which run into our mind while selecting the right

Agorapulse – It is a social community and moderation tool which helps business and social media managers manage their social media profiles in the best possible way. Here you can also run contests, quizzes and can monitor your social conversations in one place and the best thing is it also contains a social media calendar which is merely a boxy reservoir of ideas which help your social media strategy work seamlessly with your content marketing efforts.

Buffer – It is an intuitive software application trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and organizations manages Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. It allows you to schedule post which is based on the times during the day when users are active on social media and it is compatible with three platforms: browser, mobile and newsreader. The free version of the buffer allows a maximum of 10 posts to be scheduled at any time. It also offers a paid plan which is known as a pro gives access to additional features which will take your social media management to the new level, boosts productivity and drive fantastic results. Scheduling content in the buffer is very much simple as you just have to add buffer updates on a queue and it will get posted for you.

Sendible – Its a full feature innovative social media marketing tool basically made for SMEs, corporate marketing teams, digital agencies and companies who are handling multiple clients by integrating social media platforms into a single dashboard. It also contains an RSS auto-posting feature so that you have great content posted for you with little to no effort.

BuzzSumo It is the most important research tool for content marketing and SEO campaigns that resonate with our audience. In this tool, we can figure out what topics are trending in the past 12 months and how our competitors are performing, what getting shared on social media and can analyze data and trends to create a high performing content.

Sprout Social – An all in one social media marketing tool has a very clean and easy to use interface connects all of the major social networks. It has a very special feature: Smart Inbox which gathers all of your social messages in one place and this tool offers a 30 day trial period. It has an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management system and support for multiple profiles and companies and helpdesk facility to use social media for customer support.

Hootsuite – It is the most widely used and best-known platform where the system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard and manage multiple networks and profiles and the company has more than 15 million users over 175 countries. It saves your content in the cloud and the content goes live at the scheduled time.  You can connect your account over 35 networks which is not possible in other social media marketing tools.

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