Android Q V/s iOS 13

Android Q V/s iOS 13

When it comes to smartphone operating systems, Google Android and Apple iOS are surely no slave to introductions. That is why year after year both Google Android and Apple iOS keep on launching new functionality, updates and new features to their OS.

So, without further delay, let’s take a look at a comparison between both OS. This will help you to understand exciting new features for both Android Q & iOS 13.

Dark Mode in both iOS 13 & Android Q

Both iOS 13 & Android Q brought Dark Mode for their users. Dark mode not only turns bright white screen to a dark one, but also helps preserve the phone’s battery life.

Google added Dark Mode into Android Pie update this year but didn’t use it everywhere. This means some of the Google’s mobile apps, including Gmail, and Chrome lack Dark Mode option. Whereas Apple took advantage of its years of experience in this field and rolled out dark mode for its mobile users in iOS 13.

Sharing, Editing & taking photos

Here, Android Q has an extra edge over iOS 13 as Google Photos has everything you’d want in a photo service.

  • An effortless backup and photo sharing.
  • Easy to use editing tools.
  • Most important of all as it is Google Photos you can search for people, places and things assigned the tag to.
  • 15 GB free storage space.

On the other side iOS 13 add more editing tools like adjusting portrait lighting with a slider. Recognizing objects, faces and scene to help you sort images. But app’s power is limited to just Apple’s users and only first 5GB of iCloud storage is free.

Swipe- able Keyboards

Swipe keyboards is something Android users have been using for years. However, for Apple users it is new addition in iOS 13. Instead of typing now the users will be able to swipe.

Siri V/s Google Assistant

Certainly, when we talk about voice assistant Apple may have been the one to come out with Siri in 2011. But Google’s Assistant run circles around it and is better in performance when compared with Siri. However, in iOS 13 Siri gets new robot voice and picks up a few tricks like searching WatchOS apps and ability to read and reply to incoming messages.

Besides this, when you’ll use Android Q you might find it working like iOS. This means when you load an app in Android Q, if you need to return to the home screen you’d need to just swipe from the bottom. Plus swiping up and holding down your finger will show your all the current apps, to switch between them you need to swipe left or right.

With this we sign off. Hope you liked this quick comparison between Android Q and iOS 13. Thanks for giving your precious time hope you like the content, Feel free to leave us a comment.

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