Android App Development:

Android leads the mobile app market by being the world’s most widely used smartphone platform, among the operating systems used primarily in the Android App Development technology.

At viztechie, we help you create and manage android apps for your business that are visually appealing, and creatively efficient.

Our team of android application development experts takes care of every aspect of mobile application from design and development to security, backup, integration and maintenance.

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Android app development for businesses of all sizes:

At viztechie, we work closely with customers in developing their Android app. Our deep understanding of the Android app ecosystem, coupled with our experience in developing user-friendly interface design and secure coding can help your mobile app match with the best in the category.

Types of Android Apps:
Native Android Apps

A native Android app is developed only for the Android operating system and uses the in-device features and properties optimally. Native app delivers a faster and richer browsing experience, and offers improved aesthetics and performance.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web apps are websites in real, and are made to look and perform like an app. Written usually in HTML5 and rendered on browsers, they offer a much cheaper alternative to native apps.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps have cross-platform compatibility to work seamlessly on multiple operating systems. It can also be used to push content from an existing web page.

Why opt for Android Apps?

Android platform offers several distinct advantages over iOS or other operating systems.

User base

190 countries. Over 1.5 billion devices. A million + new users every day. Do we need to say more?


Be it a smartphone, tablet, wearable device or TV, whatever the gadget be, Android has a powerful presence.

Lower investment

As an open source platform, you benefit from not spending on license fee or complex development tools.


Android offers the benefits of easier cross-platform integration, app customization and adoption.

Faster time-to-market

Android’s Playstore submission policies are relatively quicker and streamlined for popular use as compared to the iTunes/AppStore guidelines.

Popular Android app categories:

  • Social networking apps
  • Chat apps
  • Contact management apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Gaming apps
  • Financial apps
  • Health & fitness apps
  • Shopping apps
  • Travel apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Sales apps
  • Business apps
  • Educational apps
  • Media apps
  • Location based apps
  • E-commerce
  • Cloud based application
  • IoT
  • Wearable
  • Social Networking